Why Webinar Engagement Should Be Your #1 Priority

By Belal Atiyyah

We recently sat down with webinar expert, Sylvie Charbonnier, Head of Partnerships, Amazon Inc. to talk about the golden rules of webinars. Here’s a look back at that conversation.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself

Sylvie: I’m an Amazon veteran based in Seattle. Currently in the role of Head of Partnerships, Corporate Business Development, and my role is to find promising companies for Amazon to work with in the global arena.

I know you’re a big supporter of webinars and attend lots of online events. What are the ingredients for hosting a successful online events?

Sylvie: Online events became even more so this year than any other year. The key to get your message across and connecting people, for me it’s content. You want to see the audience engage and webinars often feel like a lecture, or an audio book. But they should be interactive with questions, polls. You need to prepare thoughtfully.

Preparation of the content is key and the tools you will use to engage your audience are over critical.

Before you go into an event, as you’re in the preparation phase, how do you think about your audiences and their needs?

Sylvie: At Amazon we are customer success and customer doesn’t necessarily mean those who buy Amazon products, but they’re partners of ours too. And I think about my audience as my customers – I want them to have a great experience when listening in. I want to interest them, I want them engaged, I want to hear their questions and I want to hear their point of view. The risk of not doing this is that they stop joining.

You want the session to be interactive. I know you’re used polls in events as well as the chat feature. Do these get the ma

Sylvie: Chat feature is great for those people who don’t wish to interrupt or raise their hand. It’s useful to see what other attendees are thinking or questions they have and what kind of debate they wish to have.

Polls are a great way to interact with everyone which is always fun. You can also ask random questions that have little to do with the presentation to make it a fun session.

In closing, what are the one or two pieces of advice to people who wish to up their game in webinar delivery?

Sylvie: Spend a lot of time on creating content. Often it’s the same presentation over and over for different audiences. You need to make your session relevant to the audience you’re presenting to. And engage the audience and depending on length consider breaks so they can check emails in between rather than during your session.

We’re really grateful to Sylvie for taking the time to participate in our webinar. Catch the full session here: Click Here

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