Unlike all other webinar platforms, Flow is designed from the ground-up for webcasting – or hosting webinars – and not for hosting meetings. That means that before your webinar even begins, you can organize the entire Flow of your webinar presentation – Deciding who has the audio, video, and screen sharing permissions ahead of time. This way, you don’t worry about technical logistics at the time of the webinar. This is not a platform for all participants to meet and discuss with live teleconference. Only organizers and presenters can have audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities.

Our Storyboard is like a table of contents. With Storyboard, you can select each section of your webinar – or content block – and assign a presenter ahead of time. That way, when you launch your webinar, all you need to do is launch content blocks with one click and the presenter will be broadcasting their voice, video, or screen to the audience. This way, you no longer search for the “screensharing” function in the middle of a webinar or make sure your presenters are being heard by everyone. No more hiccups.

Autoflow is a new way to automate your webinar. After creating a content block for your webinar, you can decide if you wish to automate that content block. By automating, you pre-record video, voice, screenshare, laser pointer, and audience polling. That way, you can leverage the pitch-perfect presentation from your team multiple times and not have to present it every time. Save live interaction for live Q&A.

Because we customize our offering to clients, we negotiate our packages directly. What we can promise is to offer you great value for money on your webinar experience. We believe the solution we provide will have a payoff many multiple times the cost.

Flow service plans start at $99/month, so please schedule a demo to get a more personalized quote for your needs.

You can contact Sales at +1 415-394-8010, using option 1.

Here is a brief list of what features are included in the Flow platform at this time:
– Event Creation producing a landing page for event registration of attendees. Confirmation and up to two reminder emails are automatically sent with the option for attendees to receive reminders by SMS (text messaging).
– Smart Storyboard enabling organizers to create, prepopulate and automate a workflow for their webinars ahead of time. The Smart Storyboard is then used during the live event to launch content blocks and will automatically place presenters on / off the air. This significantly reduces risks and stress during the live event and improves the quality of presentation.
– Content Blocks of types: Slides, Video, Screen Sharing, Survey or Poll, Q&A and Bio of Presenters. There will be more modules available in the future.
– AV Controls allowing the organizer to remotely control the audio or video of presenters.
– Live audio and video of presenters.
– Autoflow allows to automate the execution of content blocks within the Smart Storyboard giving the impression of a live, yet pre-recorded content.
– Chat for attendees and separate chat for presenters
– Q&A: simple where organizers and presenters can take questions from attendees or an advanced version where the organizer can assign questions to specific presenters and answers may be given through voice or chat.
– Automated recording of webinars and hosted replays.
– Full report and analytics

Flow leverages HTML5 technology which also runs on iOS and Android mobile browsers. We will soon be offering a mobile app for iOS as well for better user experience.

1,000+ since the technology we have developed does not have any physical limitations. Please contact sales to discuss your requirements.

After using Flow for your first event, you will realize Flow is indeed a fitting name for this platform as it allows you, the organizer, to create, preload and optionally automate a workflow for your webinar ahead of time. This significantly reduces risks and frustration during the live event and improves the quality of your presentation.

We have proprietary built-in APIs to cover SSO, event registration and report data gathering.

We also support the use of Zapier APIs, making integration easily possible for a wide variety of external services (like Marketo and Salesforce, to name a couple).

Flow can automatically record your webinars in the background (server side and without running anything extra on your computer) and will make an MP4 file available to you within minutes of the end of your webinar. Flow can also host the replay. For instance, a person who registered for an event but misses it, may access the replay page and view the recording.

Yes. In fact we provide a simple Q&A module where organizers and presenters can review questions from attendees and a much more advanced Q&A system in our Enterprise offering that will allow the organizer to assign questions to specific presenters.

In the Slides module, you may upload MS PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel as well as images in PNG, GIF or JPG formats.

Please Click Here to get the quick start guide.

First, an attendee must be registered for your webinar. After registering, they will receive a confirmation email with a personalized access link and access code, which they will use the day of the webinar. You can view a short introduction video for this process HERE.