14+ Years Of Webinar Innovation

We seek to create the best experience possible for webinar presenters and attendees alike.

Someone had to love webinars

We get it. You have a love/hate relationship with webinars. Probably more hate than love. The lost audio connection. The presenter who can’t share their screen. The echo in the middle of your sales pitch because Chuck left his phone line open.

We’ve been there. That’s why we chose to build an entirely new webinar platform that was built for webcasting – and not for meetings – from day one. Something that lets us set up an entire presentation flow, with multiple presenters and roles ahead of time.

Over the past 14 years, we have operated as Omnovia Technologies and built one of the leading Webinar platforms – Webinato. Our team patented webinar automation technology and our platform is used by both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Despite its success, Webinato was not delivering on a key experience we wanted to provide our clients – the power to organize content in advance and simply launch modules when presenting. Simplifying the hosts’ experience to the minimum number of actions possible in order to moderate and have your mind on your presentation and not the meeting tools and interface. On top of that, we wanted to allow customers to automate parts of their storyboard (leveraging our patented webinar automation technology) and provide an HTML5 experience and say goodbye to software downloads that continue to be used by industry leaders today. We started building Flow in 2017 and are excited to get it in your hands today. We think you’ll like this.

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