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Rethink How You Webinar

Discover just how simple and easy it can be to host smooth and engaging webinars

Step 1

Set up your registration in seconds

Creating a new webinar or duplicating an existing one is a breeze within your dashboard. You can customize and brand your landing page with your company logo, images, and custom questions.  Flow will send automated reminders to all participants via email or text.

Step 2

Prepare in advance with Smart Storyboard

No more stressful webinars. Eliminate the hectic moments when you hand control to the wrong presenter or your audience can’t see their screen. With Storyboard, you can preload every content block and assign presenters and permissions to every block. Load presentations, videos, polls, or screensharing in advance.

Step 3

Automate content blocks with Autoflow™

Want to have your CEO or industry expert speak at every weekly webinar without taking up their time every week? With Autoflow™ you can simulate a live webinar experience that combines live presentations and polling interaction with pre-recorded content.

Scale your webinar reach, frequency, and targeting and boost marketing team productivity by Automating content blocks.

At showtime...

Launch your content with a click

At event time, our unique Storyboarding technology enables you to run your presentation stress-free. As the Director of your webcast, you simply launch items you pre-loaded during prep time. The Storyboard will assist you by automatically placing the right presenters ON AIR.

Launch your content with a click
During the webinar...

Boost audience interaction

Activate and moderate smart polls, speaker Q&A, and audience discussions to stimulate engagement and webinar effectiveness. With your Storyboard prepared in advance, you can focus on your audience and not the webinar tools.

Boost audience interaction
After your webinar...

Turn insights into action

Integrate webinar attendee data into your CRM and marketing automation systems and analyze attendee reports. With Flow, you can track attendee sign-up source, conversion rates from page visit to register, drop off time, engagement, polling responses, and much more.

Turn insights into action

Rethink How You Webinar

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