Webinars- The Art of Effectiveness

By Mark Mason

Through the last 15 years of our professional experiences with webinar platforms, there has been a major shift as more businesses realize the impact of a message that’s not restricted by geography. Online presentations allow your message to be shared instantly around the globe, free of expensive travel cost for your presenters and attendees, and providing instant ROI from your content. 

Whether you’re looking to transition to an online presentation, or improve your current engagement process, presenters want to know, “How do I connect my message to participants not seated in front of me.”  

There are 2 key areas we’ll cover to help expand the effectiveness of your online presentations. 

Audience Engagement 

The modern convenience of webinars provides real time feedback to your business. To maximize these data driven analytics, your message should be clear and concise.  Be sure to include options to engage with your virtual audience pre-event, during, as well as post-event. One of the industry’s leading CRM platforms, HubSpot, confirms the importance of interacting with your audience before the event, and provides helpful tips on ways to get your audience excited about the upcoming presentation.  

For example, when hosting an online marketing presentation, utilizing social media resources like Twitter is a proven powerful resource. While the initial tweet you share is important, the power of marketing via Twitter lies in the retweet, allowing your message to quickly expand to a much larger target audience.  

Including an agenda with bullet points on the registration page helps registrants easily identify what they stand to gain from your presentation. While you should be clear on tangible takeaways from your webinar such as increased conversion rate with lead generation for example, providing resources that your online audience can access and easily share is another important form of engagement. Case studies and white papers often times provide additional context that relates directly to your participants needs. Providing valuable resources enhances your relationship building process with your virtual audience, and opens the door for future communications.  

Utilize Various Types of Media 

With a Microsoft study showing the human attention span has declined to 8 seconds, you want to have a clear process with ways to connect with your audience during a webinar.  While it’s best to keep the registration simple, during the presentation studies show including visual elements and interactive tools increase audience participation. A few good options to include in an engaging webinar are slides, live video of the presenter, and polls.   

To create a compelling slides presentation, studies show that it’s best to include icons and visual aids to enhance the presentation. You want to make the data relevant and present it in a thought-out way. Aaron Weyenberg of TED advises “it’s far more effective when the slides are for the audience to give them a visual experience that adds to the words.” Keep your slides clean and appealing with clear key information.  

While the presenters may not plan to appear on live video during the entire presentation, your audience will feel more compelled by your message with the visual of you as a trusted advisor. Including a presenter bio section also highlights the presenters as content experts with relevant background info on display. 

Polls and Surveys provide immediate insight from your online audience. This information is critical to ensure you captured your audience’s attention. Surveys provide the opportunity to hear feedback regarding specific thoughts on the presentation, and allow your audience to suggest future topics that may be of interest. Data driven analytics are critical to hosting a successful webinar and open the door for continued communications.  

Whether you are hosting a webinar with 50 or 500 participants, interactive webinar platforms like FLOW provide the best tool to ensure you are hosting effective webinars and connecting with your virtual audience.  

If you’re considering an important online presentation, please get in touch for a no obligation consultation at sales@floawpp.com. 

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