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By Flow Team - On March 11, 2020

With coronavirus cases growing rapidly around the world and a global pandemic just declared by the WHO, businesses, universities and organizations need to consider online alternatives to physical meetings, conferences, seminars.  Italy is already in lock-down; the UK government is saying a fifth of the workforce may be off work at the peak and Germany’s chancellor saying with up to 70% of the country’s population may contract the virus.

Many companies have already limited travel to business essential, requiring the highest level of management approval.  Sporting events, conferences, school trips are being cancelled. Even the release of the new James Bond movie has been postponed from April to November… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

An Online Meeting Solution

Luckily, digital technology can provide solutions today unavailable 10 years ago.   Firstly, internet broadband speeds mean seamless HD video delivery over the web is commonplace.  Secondly the world of online digital events has blossomed.  Beyond one-to-one or one-to-few video communication tools, professional webinars tools are a great way to communicate with hundreds of people at a time.  A webinar is an online event where a presenter(s) can share live and recorded video, slides, documents, and interact dynamically with attendees through polls and surveys.  Attendees can ask questions live and engage directly with presenters and the content.  All of this can be done from the comfort of your home or remote location.

So, whether you’re thinking about moving to a virtual conference, delivering education and professional development courses or launching a new product to market, a modern webinar platform such as FLOW will create new value adding options for you.

Helpful Tips

A couple of tips in this space – use a platform that doesn’t need any software downloads.  Firstly, those on corporate networks will be blocked from downloading and secondly, no one wants to go through unnecessary steps.  The best platforms are simply driven from your computer browser. Attendees just click on the link you send them and they’re in your virtual conference room.

Secondly, use a platform that has an intuitive user interface for attendees.  A modern webinar platform should not need an instruction manual.  You want your attendees to focus on you and the content you’re delivering, not figuring out how to use the platform to ask a question.

Finally, if you’re brand new to the space and need a bit of extra support in your first couple of events, consider a managed webinar, where your provider will plan, prepare and facilitate delivery of your event.

FLOW, launched in summer 2019, was built incorporating 15 years of experience in this space with ease of use and reliability as its key values.  We invite you to try it, risk free. 

If you’re considering an important online presentation, please get in touch for a no obligation consultation at   

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