Managing a Series of Webinars with Managed Webinars

By Flow Team

A webinar series can be a potent marketing tool. 

Brilliantly effective at engaging customers and building trust, businesses can use webinars for various purposes, from establishing a brand as an industry thought leader to introducing existing customers to new products and services authentically. 

Whether you’re selling the latest content management tool or hoping to introduce new customers to cutting-edge collaborative software, a new webinar series could be the way to do it. 

Why is it a difficult process to manage?

Managing a series of webinars doesn’t come without its challenges. For a series of webinar content to prove effective, it needs to add value for both existing and potential customers. 

Speakers must communicate with the audience in an authentic, direct way, addressing their particular concerns and answering their queries. It’s also crucial that content flows seamlessly through the series so that viewers can follow the content easily. 

Technical challenges could also throw a spanner in the works if webinars are delivered through a live event or live streaming. 

Any online or virtual events will require high-quality IT support and must be carefully managed to ensure no hiccups along the way. 

You can engage with a managed webinar services provider to take the hassle out of this process. With their expertise and experience, you can be sure that your live and virtual events go off without a hitch. 

Top tips from the experts

Whether you’re planning your first 30-minute webinar series, a live Q&A, or just hoping to brush up on your skills in advance of your next live webinar, our experts are here to help. 

Look at our team’s top tips for getting the most out of managed webinars. 

The success of any webinar series relies on how well it connects with its audience. And to do this, speakers and webinar managers must understand those they’re hoping to reach. 

1. Understand your audience

Analyze existing feedback and use customer data to understand the webinar’s intended audience better, then create content with these individuals in mind. 

2. Consider your branding

Branding is vital in any marketing campaign, and webinars are no exception. 

Integrate strong, immediately recognisable visuals into your webinar content to ensure your brand is always within viewers’ minds. 

Think about your brand’s core colourways, use recognisable fonts and add logos to any infographics and visuals you create for the series. 

3. Prioritise accessibility

Accessibility should be a key concern in the creation of any online content. 

Design your webinar series in a way that makes it easy to access. You’ll want to ensure it works on desktop and mobile devices and that there’s no compromise in terms of the content when switching between these. 

Ensure viewers can opt to watch webinars with subtitles, and allow viewers to rewatch content once a live stream has ended. 

4. Know when you present your product

You might be hesitant about presenting your product or service during a webinar, but if you do so at an appropriate time, you’ll be able to successfully introduce your product without alienating viewers. 

Introduce your product as an add-on at a time when you’re likely to have your audience’s full attention and be sure to make attendees aware of the actions they can take to get involved with your brand post-webinar. 

Use webinars to build your brand 

Connect with your audience and build your brand using standout webinar content. 

Whether you’re using webinar platforms to showcase a new product, improve brand awareness or enhance your company’s offering, they’re a brilliantly effective way to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. 

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Olivia Coughtrie is Co-founder & Director at Oriel Partners, a PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London. Olivia is passionate about providing high-quality talents to businesses and the best career opportunities to candidates.

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