How to use webinars for employee engagement with PepsiCo

By Belal Atiyyah

Webinars are an ideal tool for increasing employee engagement. Webinars have become commonplace for employee engagement. In fact, about 27% of companies average at least one webinar per week.

We recently sat down with webinar expert, and Sales Manager at PepsiCo, Inc., Dakota Richardson to talk about the importance of engaging your employees and colleagues by using webinars. Here’s a look back at that conversation.

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What’s your experience like doing webinars so far?

Dakota: It’s different, you don’t get that personal experience. I’m really about eye contact and being around people, but then how cool is the convenience of webinars. That it is evolving and we can still work closely together. Technology really makes it possible to be together.

Have you hosted webinars within your company?

Dakota: Webinars have made our workplace so much more efficient – we can connect out in the field, at home. We can still be together.

Why would you say webinar engagement is so important to you?

Dakota: Putting a face to your team, who you’re working with and for. Being able to see each other face to face. Previously, we met in person, used the phone, weekly and monthly meetings. All of our California team can gather together.

If you could share one piece of advice to viewers getting into webinars?

Dakota: Consider that your audience has a mixture of technology know-how. Make it simple for the people. There are easier ways to use technology for people of all ages. You don’t want to start th experience with frustrations in accessing the technology.

We’re really grateful to Dakota for taking the time to participate in our webinar. Catch the full session here: click here

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