Benefits of Webinar Automation

By Mark Mason

Have you ever had stage fright before presenting a webinar or relentless anxiety because you’re worried if your presenter audio is working? Maybe you’re simply exhausted from hosting the exact same presentation every single day, over and over.  Webinar automation is the answer to your problems!  

Webinar automation provides the ability to pre-record a presentation and simulate a live webinar experience for your participants. Attendees can submit questions, respond to polls/surveys, and download files exactly like the event is live. They’ll never know they are viewing a presentation that was previously recorded. 

While automating your webinars has numerous benefits, we’ve highlighted 3 key advantages below. 

Avoid Costly Headaches 

When hosting a professional online presentation, you want to impress your audience.  An effective webinar utilizes various types of media to engage with the audience. By pre-recording your presentation, you can create a flawless presentation that checks those boxes in advance of the live event.  This helps to mitigate any presenter technical issues, and also helps to promote engagement during the webinar as the presenter’s focus is on the attendees.  

Save Time 

Some webinars such as product and sales demos typically involve sharing repeat content.  This means presenters may host 5 webinars per week, presenting the same core presentation each time. Sounds pretty time-consuming right? With the ability to automate the webinar, presenters can record their core presentation once, and play it back during each presentation exactly like it’s a live event.  All engagement and interactivity is maintained. This is a great option for presenters on the go!  

Optimize Old Content 

Webinar automation allows you to scale your webinars by rapidly repurposing your content beyond its initial use. You can create a whole new webinar in seconds saving your team’s time and resources! For example, Enterprise teams are at times left struggling to find a webinar time that works for their global audience. But using Autoflow, you can create a new event in seconds by repurposing your previously recorded content to create an entirely new webinar to air at another time. 

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