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FLOW is the Next Generation HTML5 Based Platform for Engaging Real-Time & Automated Marketing Webinars

-- COMING Spring 2018 --

FLOW is the new platform from omNovia Technologies, a leader in webinar solutions since 2004

Run Your Webinars Like A TV Show Director with World's Only Storyboard!

You simply create a workflow for your presentation ahead of time using one of the numerous available modules such as Slides, Screen Sharing, Survey, Video Player, etc... and assign them to a presenter. At the time of the event all you need to do is run each module with a click from the Storyboard interface.

Save Time By Running Your Webinars On AutoPilot!

The Storyboard also lets you pre-record audio, video and the progression of each step of your presentation. At the time of the live webinar, you can simply run some or all parts on AutoPilot. This saves you a significant amount of time and makes your webinars more consistent. Bear in mind your attendees can still interact with automated modules such as the Survey and you can seamlessly switch to a live Q&A at any time.

FLOW Empowers You With Detailed Analytics

In addition to comprehensive reporting on your registrants and attendees before, during and after each webinar, FLOW offers you advanced analytics including aggregate reporting, attendees' level of  engagement,  attendees' assessment of the content of your presentations and much more.

HTML5 means everyone securely accesses your marketing webinars in a simple web browser without any plugins or add-ons such as Flash Player. Even mobile users won't need to install any apps to attend your webinars.

FLOW Is A Web-App With No Need To Install Any Applications Or Mobile Apps

FLOW  Will Be Available With 24x7 Support In Premium & Enterprise Packages 

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